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This is where we talk about our products and try to help our customers build a computer or purchase modding accessories that are perfect for you.


  1. 05 Jul, 2017
    What type of computer is right for you?
    Building a computer that's perfect for you. It can be confusing searching for a computer that balances all your needs, especially with dozens of parts available and new ones being released all the time, which is why we want to help make your life easier with just a quick overview of what kind of computer you should get. This will hopefully give you a better idea on the type of computer you need for your everyday life. We're going to split this up into 3 basic categories: Casual,
  2. Aer RGB fans
    23 Jun, 2017
    Welcome to Our Blog!
    Hello and welcome to our blog! This is where we will start posting tips and guides on how to build your computer. We want our customers to feel comfortable in ordering a computer and for it to be built just for them. We would also like to post short videos in the future about creating and designing some of our products like computers and GPU backplates. We may also post reviews about products we use and love in the future.